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Picture Asia is a Kuala Lumpur based video production and photo company, operating across numerous media channels and categories. Having previously involved mainly in commercial photography, our emphasis have shifted heavily towards Digital Stock Photo and Video Footage Production.

We have made it our goal to be Asia’s leading digital stock photo and footage company with emphasis on a faster and more accurate image search for creative professionals without breaking your budget. We are constantly looking forward to new innovations and products to improve our services to our customers. We are ready to impact the stock photo industry with the latest AI search technology which will save time and money.

Be Our Partner 

Are you an avid photographer? Do you love traveling and taking videos of the unique places you’ve been? Or are you simply an iPhone enthusiast who loves taking photos and videos wherever you go? If you think you have great contents to share, why not partner with us and earn commission. Need to know more? Email us at info@pictureasia.com.


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