Problem accessing Website Malaysia DNS error

If you're in Malaysia and so happened you had similar problem with mine, ie. Can't access to certain websites such as banks etc. Can't access gmail, yahoo and other mails. You receive errors such as invalid ssl certificate etc. You receive DNS blocked message. TRY, changing your DNS. I used Unifi and had problem accessing … Continue reading Problem accessing Website Malaysia DNS error

Life is never fair

Sometimes in life you have to just bear with what comes one after the other.. that's how we enjoy every single bit of it, bad or good. Today a lady walked in and I had a chat with her. You know, after so long, no one made me feel so sad and depressing. But she … Continue reading Life is never fair

Miniature World by Tanaka Tatsuya

My childhood dream was to own a set of miniature toy soldiers where I will build sand, hills and the rest. But in reality, I couldn't fulfil my dream unless I have a huge space in my home. Whatever it is, it has past my dream. Perhaps when I have enough money, I will open … Continue reading Miniature World by Tanaka Tatsuya

Terrorist Attack in Paris

Many in some parts of the country woke up to a devastating news. French woke up to a reality at night when everyone enjoying their night out for meal, movies, performance arts as well as a game of football. Never had they realised that terrorist will take a drastic measure no Nov. 13, 2015. The … Continue reading Terrorist Attack in Paris

  When it comes to wedding, everyone wants to be a photographer. Let me categorize them for you based on my observation throughout these years. The wannabe photographers They bought a new camera and want to test it out at their friend’s wedding. They will bother you with every single question they can get like, … Continue reading

What not to say to a photographer

Luca Masini got it right. As a fellow photographer and videographer, I often get a fare share of these comments from my ignorant customers, especially the ones who are in the "cheapskate" category.    

Types of people in starbucks

Having coffee at Starbucks has been a routine for me. Back in the States, it used to be my meeting point with my customers. When one is at Starbucks, you can see practically a lot of difference characters especially if you observe in Malaysia itself. Amongst them are: 1. People who walk in for a … Continue reading Types of people in starbucks

Coolest Dad On Earth

And the most creative dad award goes to.......... John Wilhelm.  First of all, thanks John for allowing me to share your wonderful work on my blog. Your creative editing is an inspiration for all of us. With the help of your daughters and girlfriend, I just use one word to describe it.. WOW For more of his … Continue reading Coolest Dad On Earth

Fail Wedding Photos

Only if the dress is long, wide and big enough. No way we'll be separated. Ok. This is weird! Imagine the logistics in setting this. Fun with mirror. Another mirror. My tiny bride. Another tiny bride?! Shouldn't everyone be looking instead? Hahahahaha.... Let's get drunk! Social media fanatics. Snatch! I photobombed you! I now pronounce … Continue reading Fail Wedding Photos