Bridal Gown and Wedding Dress Catalogue Photography

Vow 1728 Thumb

Client: Vow Bridal 1728

Genre: Bridal Gown and Evening Dress Catalogue 

Model: Nicole

Make-up and Styling: Shermaine Yeo (

About our client:

Vow Bridal 1728 is an international collaboration between 1728 Taiwan Wedding House, a famous wedding boutique located in Taiwan and Vow Bridal House, a local bridal boutique with more than 10 years experience. The new store mirrors the Taiwan boutique and design concept with the latest designer wedding gowns, evening wears and suits mainly from Taiwan and also features collection from overseas. We aim to provide rental packages that are affordable for every couple that walks in to our store. Whether it is for your pre-wedding, wedding day or wedding reception, our team will assist you to find the best dress for your big day. Apart from wedding gown rental, Vow Bridal 1728 also offers bridal makeup and pre wedding photography packages for both local and Taiwan destinations.



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