MIB: A Taste of Love Series: Episode 5: Regrets


Client: Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB)

Genre: A Taste of Love Short Movies

Title: Episode 5: Regrets

Alia and Kim finally realized that it is not worth fighting over Sunny. They decided to work together to teach Sunny a lesson. Chong Ming is ready to express his love to Alia. Will she accept him?

Find out how their story ends by following “A Taste of Love”, a 12-episode short movie acted by the students of Malaysian Institute of Baking and recorded by PictureAsia.


Nicholas Tan
Melissa Lien
Diyanah Jasmin
Charis Ho
Beon Leow
Brandon Lim
Bryan Tan


Jeff Lam

About our client:

We’ve been around since 1987 as the English Hotbreads School of Baking. Today we are an institute, the Malaysian Institute of Baking, giving out not just certificates but also diplomas. That is the level of education and training we now provide. For more information, please visit mib.edu.my.