Miniature World by Tanaka Tatsuya

My childhood dream was to own a set of miniature toy soldiers where I will build sand, hills and the rest. But in reality, I couldn't fulfil my dream unless I have a huge space in my home. Whatever it is, it has past my dream. Perhaps when I have enough money, I will open … Continue reading Miniature World by Tanaka Tatsuya

Coolest Dad On Earth

And the most creative dad award goes to.......... John Wilhelm.  First of all, thanks John for allowing me to share your wonderful work on my blog. Your creative editing is an inspiration for all of us. With the help of your daughters and girlfriend, I just use one word to describe it.. WOW For more of his … Continue reading Coolest Dad On Earth

Siamese Fighting Fish Portraits on Apple iPhone 6s wallpaper

Special thanks to Thai photographer Visarute Angkatavanich for allowing me to feature his work on my blog. พี่ Visarute’s incredible Siamese fighting fish portraits gives us a simple yet extraordinary close up look of this fish particularly the colours and their fins. It is like watching each fish doing catwalks posing with their best dress … Continue reading Siamese Fighting Fish Portraits on Apple iPhone 6s wallpaper