Types of people in starbucks

Having coffee at Starbucks has been a routine for me. Back in the States, it used to be my meeting point with my customers. When one is at Starbucks, you can see practically a lot of difference characters especially if you observe in Malaysia itself. Amongst them are: 1. People who walk in for a … Continue reading Types of people in starbucks

Top Thai Love Songs for Thai Wedding

I have just list down some songs for those who prefer choosing Thai Love songs for their wedding reception, pre wedding album or same day edit. Hope this helps. มันคือความรัก Mr.Lazy feat.ลุลา Lazy Sunday 2 ให้รักมันโตในใจ - ณเดชน์ อยากให้โลกแคบลง - เบล สุพล เนื้อคู่ - ลุลา (Lula) ทะเลสีดำ - ลุลา ft. ต้าร์ เพลง ลูกอม - WhatChaRaWaLee … Continue reading Top Thai Love Songs for Thai Wedding

The Artist – Red Hong Yi

Please visit official website at redhongyi.com. Photo by Wendy Wong.) All credits belongs to redhongyi.com Hong Yi, who goes by the nickname 'Red', is a Malaysian artist-architect. She was given the nickname because her name, Hong, sounds like the word 'red' in Mandarin.Red's grandparents and father left Shanghai in the '60s during the start of the Cultural Revolution … Continue reading The Artist – Red Hong Yi

Thai Speaking Photographer & Videographer – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our main photographer and videographer is able to speak fluent Thai and is familiar with Thai wedding customs. For Malaysians who marries a Thai, chances are you would like to have a person who can mingle and chat with your future in-laws and the family members when they are here. You will need a person … Continue reading Thai Speaking Photographer & Videographer – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia