The best of architecture photos by Peter Stewart

  These are some of the best architecture images I have come across. The ones I have shared here is mostly shot in Hong Kong. The brain behind these shots? The man himself, Mr. Peter Stewart. If you have taken city and building scapes before, you will know how hard is to produce such quality … Continue reading The best of architecture photos by Peter Stewart

Stupid pranksters

When I read in a recent Singaporean news about a lady impersonating as a dead girl and scare the shit out of people, I think that's just a lame way to make fame for the production company involved. There can be many ways to gain fame but to prank people and get responses and be … Continue reading Stupid pranksters

Coolest Dad On Earth

And the most creative dad award goes to.......... John Wilhelm.  First of all, thanks John for allowing me to share your wonderful work on my blog. Your creative editing is an inspiration for all of us. With the help of your daughters and girlfriend, I just use one word to describe it.. WOW For more of his … Continue reading Coolest Dad On Earth